What material is the veneer peeling machine rotary knife made of?


Veneer peeling machine easy wear parts have knife holder screw, nut, card shaft and bushing, main slide and slider, ruler frame and knife holder and so on.
These parts of wear will reduce the accuracy of the machine tool, affecting the quality of the plate skin, such as uneven thickness of the plate skin, uneven, wave shape, rough damage of the plate skin and so on.
Therefore veneer peeling machine need regular maintenance, regular maintenance not only to ensure product quality, but also to improve work efficiency, more can extend the service life of the machine.


Veneer peeling machine as one of the main equipment for plywood materials, has been born since 20th century, in the future continuous development of technology is constantly improving.
At the same time, the maintenance of veneer peeling machine has become particularly important.
As the saying goes, the quality of a product depends to a large extent on the performance and quality of the machinery, so the selection of equipment is an important start.

  1, CNC no-card rotary cut on the basis of the integration of other models, the use of digital control system, high-strength grinding gold silk mother screw, stable rear axle transmission system, rotating single-box automatic adjustment of the knife seam system, so that the product in the use of more advantageous.


Veneer peeling machine as one of the main equipment for the production of Plywood Making Machine, the development momentum is rapid.
With the requirements of production, veneer peeling machine also appeared a variety of types: Card veneer peeling machine cutting machine, card-free veneer peeling machine, pasta veneer peeling machine, CNC veneer peeling machine and so on.
The further development of veneer peeling machine has improved the production efficiency and the automation degree of the whole machine, and also realized the two utilization of waste wood.


Today, China's timber shortage is well known, forest logging is everywhere, now the shortage of wood in China is an urgent problem to be solved, so how to improve the utilization rate of wood has become the country to continue to solve the problem, but also become wood machinery needs to tackle the difficulties.
Veneer peeling machine's launch solves this problem.

In a card veneer peeling machine, the knife position is an important part of veneer peeling machine, and the knife position is also a part that needs to be noted when using veneer peeling machine, In our use of the time to check it regularly, the knife position is the key to veneer peeling machine, the knife bit high appearance of wood thin uneven, knife position low appearance flutter knife, must be carefully adjusted, not sloppy.
The specific adjustment measures are as follows:

Veneer peeling machine has promoted the rapid development of plate manufacturers, but also saved wood, fully improve the utilization rate of wood.
Therefore, veneer peeling machine is one of the indispensable mechanical equipment in the wood processing industry.
We all know that any mechanical equipment has a service life, veneer peeling machine long-term engaged in wood spinning, labor intensity is relatively high, the time is long inside the parts of the part will be more or less wear, reducing the spin efficiency and the quality of rotary cutting.
Let's take a look at veneer peeling machine which parts are easy to wear, to do a good job of preventive measures, timely resolution of problems, to ensure that veneer peeling machine normal operation.


In the same way to measure the two ends and the middle of the knife, so that the knife and roll to maintain the level, about the card veneer peeling machine knife position measurement mainly pay attention to the above aspects of the attention, I hope the above information can be helpful to the vast number of users.


Use the triangle ruler (500x250 mm) to live on the upper and inner parts of the double flower roll, then use the ruler (150) to resist the blade upward measurement, read the triangle ruler below the intersection of the ruler scale value, rotary wood skin thickness between 1.2-1.9 when the reading is 102mm; thickness between 0.6 mm--1.2 mm, Knife height in 101-102 mm; thickness between 1.9 mm--2.6 mm, the knife is high in 102-102.5 mm.
Thickness is larger than 2.6mm when the knife is high in 102.5-103mm.

What is veneer peeling machine? What is it used for? This is a lot of people's questions.
Veneer peeling machine is a kind of equipment that produces plywood, has the most initial card equipment to the card-free equipment, slowly with the progress of science and technology and the development of CNC veneer peeling machine also appeared.
Since then, with the emergence of CNC veneer peeling machine also improved the quality and accuracy of the production of veneer, and greatly improved production efficiency.


Nowadays, with the development of society and the higher demand of people, the requirements for veneer peeling machine also have higher requirements.
Mechanization is also moving towards a sophisticated direction.
The consistency of veneer peeling machine wood thin has also brought high-speed development to the development of wood industry.
How to ensure the consistency of veneer peeling machine wood skin thin