Introduction to the installation of veneer peeling machine knife


Before doing anything, there will be a pre-prepared process, and in the installation of the rotary knife, but also must first do the group foreplay, that is, the installation height of the rotary knife is equal to the rotation process specified in the H value, in determining the installation height, the next is to adjust the diameter range of the rotary cut wood section.
This is the final step of the entire installation process, and one more tool must be prepared, which is the rear angle meter.
The high quality veneer can be produced by adjusting the rotary diameter by fine calculation.
After the installation of the rotary knife, you must also check the installation effect, if you open the veneer peeling machine when the near knife instability problem, you must carry out the appropriate adjustment of the back angle, so as to ensure the stability of veneer peeling machine near the knife, In order to ensure the quality of single board production as a whole.


Wood veneer peeling machine belongs to the mechanical transmission veneer peeling machine, suitable for the card shaft veneer peeling machine rotary cutting remaining wood core continue to spin into a single board, It can also be used to spin the trail material (300mm in diameter) into a single board. The card-free veneer peeling machine mainly consists of rack, double roller system, single roller system, tool holder, transmission system, electrical system and so on.

Veneer peeling machine is mainly plate processing machinery, mainly used for a certain length and diameter of wood section processing into a continuous single strip, often used in the production of Plywood Making machine, joinery board and other wood-based panels together.


  Encountered the situation of the knife can not be blindly disassembled inspection, to find out the cause of the failure, and then to solve this problem, only in order to completely solve the problem.
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For the plate manufacturers, veneer peeling machine they are more familiar with, their work is often with veneer peeling machine deal, at any time put wood into the veneer peeling machine, let it spin Out a thin, beautiful piece of skin.
Because of the importance of veneer peeling machine, people pay great attention to the quality of veneer peeling machine when they buy, but people ignore veneer peeling machine installation site.
People install veneer peeling machine is just casually looking for a flat place, installation on the use, there is no prior planning.
It is not known that the installation site has a great impact on the service life of veneer peeling machine, accelerates its damage speed, and brings difficulties to the maintenance of veneer peeling machine failure in the future, so the appropriate installation site is the correct use of veneer peeling Prerequisites for machine.

Wood veneer peeling machine is the main equipment for the production of veneer and meager wood. According to the movement direction of the planer relative to the horizontal plane, then the wood veneer peeling machine can be divided into two categories, vertical and horizontal, and the veneer peeling machine can be divided into transverse veneer according to the direction of the planing in relation to the length of the wood-square fibers perpendicular or parallel. Peeling machine and longitudinal veneer peeling machine.


2.6 Meters There is a card veneer peeling machine appear to drop the knife can use the automatic knife change program patiently check, when the manipulator is not in place, the spindle on the tool will be loosened, resulting in the manipulator did not catch the tool to produce the knife.
Check the connector of the sensor switch, check the terminal at the point of no loosening, manipulator action will cause slight vibration, if the switch lead has loose will lead to bad contact, then the manipulator is not fully in place, and magnetic induction switch is still in the sensing state, if in the state of disconnection, the tool will release caused by the knife.

Now in the whole production process of veneer, veneer peeling machine plays an irreplaceable role, but the most important of the veneer peeling machine is the rotary knife.
This means that the use of the rotary knife is directly related to the production quality of the single board, so in order to pursue high-quality veneer, now in the wood processing process will choose the quality of the rotary knife.
But why the same rotary knife is made of the single board quality is so different, the focus is on the installation of the rotary knife there is a problem.
That exactly how the installation to ensure the quality of the production of veneer, has become a lot of people are very concerned about the problem, the following veneer peeling machine factory old workers will introduce us to how to properly install the rotary knife.

There are cards veneer peeling machine to bring us a lot of economic benefits, now more and more people began to invest in the timber industry, the timber industry broad prospects attract them, then in the use of card veneer peeling machine when we how to maintain it?